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Encouraging Member participation in the affairs of Cobb EMC


The COBB EMC FORUM is made up of Cobb EMC rate paying Member/Owners. The Forum works to insure responsible management by the Cobb EMC Board of Directors and Senior Management Staff.

It is important to know that every Cobb EMC rate payer is a Member/Owner of Cobb EMC.

The Forum’s goal is to ensure that Cobb EMC is focused to provide Member/Owners with the very best service and lowest rates in the State of Georgia. The Forum also works to inform Member/Owners of the activities and actions of Cobb EMC and encourage Member participation in EMC governance.

Cobb EMC Forum’s Mark Hackett Interviewed by Institute for Local Self Reliance

Mark Hackett, President of Cobb EMC Forum, was recently interviewed by the Institute of Local Self Reliance regarding the history of events at Cobb EMC as well as recent actions by the Cobb EMC Board to erode Member participation in their cooperative. Click here to see the article and listen to the full podcast.

Cobb EMC Board of Directors Takes Giant Step Backwards

In January 2016 our EMC Board took a giant step backwards, effectively eliminating our right as Member/Owners to propose future bylaw changes by increasing the number of signatures required to submit a bylaw amendment petition from 35 to approximately 850. They did this on their own with no Member vote, even though the Member right to propose bylaw changes is protected from Board amendment in the Members’ Bill of Rights.

Cobb EMC Forum urges Members to contact our Cobb EMC Board to express disapproval of their recent unilateral action. Click here to preview and send Cobb EMC Forum’s suggested email to the Cobb EMC Board of Directors, or click here to write your own.

This Board action came closely on the heels of a bylaw change that did not have Board support but was passed by Member vote anyway, a first in Cobb EMC history. Clearly, the Board wants to prevent further proposals from ever getting in front of Members against the Board’s wishes. In advance of this latest Board action, Cobb EMC Forum President Mark Hackett acted to save Members’ rights. He submitted bylaw amendments under the old rules to place specific language in the bylaws requiring a Member vote to modify any of the Members’ Bill of Rights.

Cobb EMC is an unregulated electric monopoly whose only oversight is provided by its Member/Owners. During recent years the Cobb EMC Board has acted to improve transparency and involve Members in oversight and governance of our Member-owned utility. However, the EMC bylaws, including its Members’ Bill of Rights, are in place to prevent a recurrence of the corruption and fiscal abuse of the previous era. Without the right to propose changes to those bylaws, Members are at the mercy of this and any future Board. The Cobb EMC Board’s unilateral action to restrict that right is a giant step backwards for Cobb EMC and its Members.

Call to Action: Any change to the Members’ Bill of Rights should be presented to a Member vote with the opportunity for discussion and opposing opinions. Three bylaw amendments have been sponsored that will ensure that any future changes to the Members’ Bill of Rights will require that Member approval.

Cobb EMC Forum expects these three amendments to be presented for Member vote by the 2016 Annual Member Meeting. We urge Members to vote YES on all three amendments.

Cobb EMC Forum urges Members to contact our Cobb EMC Board to express disapproval of their recent unilateral action. Click here to preview and send Cobb EMC Forum’s suggested email to the Cobb EMC Board of Directors, or click here to write your own.

Click here to read Cobb EMC Forum’s full analysis of the recent Board action.

Dwight Brown Prosecution Delayed Again

On February 18, Judge Robert Flournoy removed Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds from prosecuting former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown, potentially delaying the trial another 9 months. The 35 felony charges relating to Mr. Brown’s actions as CEO of Cobb EMC were first brought in 2011, but the case has languished in the face of numerous appeals filed by Brown’s defense attorney, former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes. Members have previously raised concerns that presiding Judge Flournoy was appointed by former Governor Barnes in 2000. Click here to see WSB TV coverage of this development.

Cobb EMC Implements New Residential Rate in January


Cobb EMC has begun implementation of a new residential rate for new EMC customers as of January, 2016. The rate will be available to existing Members on June 1, 2016. The new rate adds a demand component, a monthly charge per kilowatt of demand based on the highest hour of usage by a residence during certain designated hours of the year. This new rate as currently approved will be voluntary for the first three years, but will become mandatory by January 1, 2019. This new rate structure is intended to be revenue neutral overallExcel_Icon, but could affect different Member bills in different ways. Click here for Cobb EMC Forum’s full analysis of this new rate and how it affects your wallet. You can also click here to download Cobb EMC Forum’s Excel based Rate Comparison Calculator that will allow you to compare how the new rate affects you based on your own usage patterns.

This web site is produced by Cobb EMC Forum, Inc., an independent, Member supported, non-profit company dedicated to provide resources, education and encouragement for Members of Cobb EMC interested in the governance and oversight of Cobb EMC. Cobb EMC Forum is not related to and is not an affiliate of Cobb EMC. The opinions of the Cobb EMC Forum do not necessarily represent the policy of Cobb EMC, its management, or Directors.