Welcome to the Cobb EMC Forum

Encouraging Member participation in the affairs of Cobb EMC


The COBB EMC FORUM is made up of Cobb EMC rate paying Member/Owners. The Forum works to insure responsible management by the Cobb EMC Board of Directors and Senior Management Staff.

It is important to know that every Cobb EMC rate payer is a Member/Owner of Cobb EMC.

The Forum’s goal is to ensure that Cobb EMC is focused to provide Member/Owners with the very best service and lowest rates in the State of Georgia. The Forum also works to inform Member/Owners of the activities and actions of Cobb EMC and encourage Member participation in EMC governance.

Cobb EMC Forum Endorses Candidates for the Upcoming EMC Board Election

In September, 2015, three Cobb EMC Board of Directors seats in Districts 2, 3 and 9 are up for election. The Forum endorses two candidates running against incumbents: Jim Hudson running against incumbent Kelly Bodner in District 3 and Jack Hartman running against incumbent Eric Broadwell in District 9. Both candidates running against incumbents are dedicated to an open and transparent Board of Directors and insuring that Cobb EMC is focused on providing the most competitive electric service to its Member/Owners. Stay tuned to CobbEMCForum.com as both of our endorsed candidates plan to post their platforms here in the coming weeks.

Results of Cobb EMC Forensic Audit Reveal Misconduct “More Pervasive Than Previously Known”

On June 24, 2015 the Atlanta Constitution published an article detailing hundreds of millions of dollars in costs to Cobb EMC and its Members from the ill fated Cobb Energy venture championed by former indicted CEO Dwight Brown. Click the Cobb EMC Forum News for links to the Atlanta Journal and Marietta Daily Journal coverage.

This web site is produced by Cobb EMC Forum, Inc., an independent, Member supported, non-profit company dedicated to provide resources, education and encouragement for Members of Cobb EMC interested in the governance and oversight of Cobb EMC. Cobb EMC Forum is not related to and is not an affiliate of Cobb EMC. The opinions of the Cobb EMC Forum do not necessarily represent the policy of Cobb EMC, its management, or Directors.